Your body is an amazing complex machine. Like all machines, any process that is out of sorts can cause
an enormous array of issues with the fundamental operation of your organs, nerves, and muscles. Starting in the brain, this framework and its related pathways move through your spine and neurological system. Without a healthy spine, your brain’s communication with the rest of your body is less than optimal.

When the vertebrae of your spine are out of alignment, this can lead to numerous health issues. Ranging from headaches, restricted movement, and neck & back pain. Chiropractors are trained in detecting and correcting spinal misalignments to allow your body to heal itself like it was intended to do.

While numerous specialists center their care around short term pain relief only, true correction is designed to get to the actual cause of the problem at hand. Correcting the cause of the problem leads to optimal health and healing.

The Sick Care Health Model

The ill care model serves as the foundation for the American healthcare system. That is, instead of following the proper model of preventative care, people tend to seek medical help after becoming ill. Unfortunately, a lot of doctors and institutions promote this approach, which is not the best for patients all across the country.

Preventative care, or routine maintenance for your body, is a great alternative and the foundation upon which genuine authentic chiropractic correction operates. Phoenix chiropractors advise routine checkups rather than waiting until you start to feel problems to enable you to keep your spinal health for many years. Your body has a remarkable ability for self-healing, but only if it is given the proper care and time.

Vertebral Subluxation Complex

The root of many health problems, vertebral subluxation complex, is a serious condition that is far too frequently disregarded. It happens when the spine is misaligned and pressure is put on the spinal cord and spinal nerves. This condition has a significant negative impact on the body’s inherent capacity for healing, and a trustworthy and knowledgeable Phoenix chiropractor is uniquely prepared to treat it.
At the Spinal Correction Center, our specialists can comprehensively assess and diagnose vertebral subluxation instances and create a personalized treatment plan to address the problem.

If a doctor only treats the symptoms of vertebral subluxation, the underlying problem may never be identified, and the patient will likely contine to have symptoms that worsen with time.

The choice between spinal correction vs. the temporary relief approach, the path becomes very clear. Why live with discomfort and injury when you can live your entire life in perfect health and with unlimited capacity for healing?

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