Dear Dr. Mike:

I just wanted to give you a BIG thank you for everything you've done for me! I'm so glad that I finally made that initial appointment to see you after much encouragement from my wise brother and even wiser sister-in-law. I had been suffering for over 10 years with a diagnosis of chronic mixed connective tissue disease…….rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, bursitis, osteoarthritis, etc., which became worse in recent months. At the age of 43, I began seeing my third rheumatologist who wanted me try his cocktail of medications that had worked for "his other patients." Well, they did not work for me, I noticed after several medication and dosage combinations. Unfortunately, I suffered with the awful side effects. I finally became fed up with all of the medication and side effects, some of which were worse than my illness. In September 2008, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Mike after being worn down by my brother's constant advice. I thought, "What do I have to lose?" Dr. Mike uncovered the source of my chronic pain with a set of x-rays that no other doctor has ever bothered to take.

I work with numbers, and feel better when there are numbers and science to back up a claim. I take blood tests regularly to monitor my illness and my response to certain harmful medications. Two weeks after I started my appointments with Dr. Mike, I had blood tests taken. I saw my rheumatologist later for the results, and he said my results for inflammatory response went from an out-of-control 55 down to 25. He said to remain on the same dosage of med's that I was on. He was very pleased with the results, and wanted me to return in January. I continued my appointments with Dr. Mike, and took more blood tests prior to my appointment in January 2009. The January results showed that my inflammatory response went from the last reading of 25 down to 9…………in the normal range my rheumatologist said. He said he had never seen any of my numbers look that good, and he had never seen me look that good! I felt great! Friends at work were noticing the difference in how I moved around……….pain-free! My family noticed! Friends that ride the bus with me noticed! I noticed! Everyone asked if I was taking a new medication, or if my medication was working. That's when I told them about my appointments with Dr. Mike

Thanks to Dr. Mike! It is definitely not the medication. I am actually taking a lot less and no terrible side effects. I am able to do the things that I enjoy without modifying my lifestyle. I feel like I have my life back, and I can enjoy being active again!

Thank you SO much Dr. Mike, and my family thanks you, too!! Dana W.

Dear Dr. Mike, My husband, Bob, and I would like to thank you for all the help you have given us since we first started coming to you in November of 2005. Seventy two year old Bob, who had spent some forty years as a sheet metal worker, was suffering from a lot of pain in his neck, shoulders, and back. While he had been going to chiropractors for many years, he has found so much more relief from your frequent treatments. As he says, "I feel like a new man every time I walk out of the office."

As for me, I had rarely gone to a chiropractor, even though I have had years of shoulder and back pain. Bob finally convinced me to go to you because I had severe muscle spasms on my right side and reoccurring pain down my legs. I was shocked when I saw the first set of x-rays that you took. They showed my head very much out of line and the curvature of my spine. No wonder I have always had difficulty with being on my feet for long periods of time and bad posture. Just understanding the reasons for my problems helped me to resolve to seek help to correct as much as could be done at the age of 67.

We both feel more energetic and confident, knowing that we have the tools of adjustment, traction and exercise in your office, plus suggestions for exercises and application of ice and heat at home to alleviate the aches and pains that occur. Your friendly manner and Kathy's have been greatly appreciated, too, and helps us to feel we are partners in striving for better health. Thank you!


Around the time I turned 18 not only was my life changing but my health was taking a downward spiral. I cannot begin to tell you all the pain and discomfort my body was allowing me to feel. Neither my mom nor I could begin to figure out why my joints were constantly sore or why it was hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. My mom decided it was time to see a doctor. From that moment on my life was nothing but a nightmare. One doctor told me my white blood cell count was low and sent me to a specialist. This specialist diagnosed me with celiac disease. Celiac disease puts many limitations on what you can eat and causes major digestive problems. After months of being on a strict diet my health did not improve so I went to see another doctor. This doctor diagnosed me with having thyroid problems and prescribed me pills to start taking on a daily basis. Again, as the months rolled on my health continued to decrease. This was just the beginning of a vicious cycle of seeing doctor upon doctor and not receiving any answers. I have been through 3 major surgeries in the past 3 years 2 of which included removing tissue from my intestine in search for what the doctors called "cancerous tissue." No problems were resolved in any of these surgeries I kept being passed from doctor to doctor. I cannot begin to express to you the sadness that all these things can do to an 18 year old's life. I would have never have said I was a normal teenager because I wasn"t. The majority of my friends were out having fun while I was stuck in hospitals or doctor's offices. It wasn't until Sept 05 that questions were finally answered. I was involved in a car accident and received whiplash. I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor but my neck was incredibly stiff. I walked into Dr. Mike's office and right away felt completely comfortable. He took x-rays of my spine and I met him again the next day. It was in these 2 days that my life was completely changed. Dr. Mike realized that my spine was completely messed up not because of the car accident but it stemmed from my younger years. I informed him of all the health issues I was having and he related it directly to the fact of how my spine looked. I have been going to see Dr. Mike for the past 4 months and I have never felt better in my whole life. I can finally work out again and getting out of bed is no longer a struggle. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. The car accident was a blessing in disguise because I would have never met Dr. Mike.

Sarah S.